Intermediate Employee Benefit Plans Audit Certificate

Certificate programs offer an excellent way to demonstrate mastery in a specific subject area. A certificate can also offer a distinct advantage in the market when competing for clients or career advancement opportunities.

The Intermediate Employee Benefit Plans Audit Certificate offers you a way to distinguish yourself and show your commitment to performing high-quality audit engagements. This new certificate will be awarded as a digital badge that can be posted to your social media profiles and linked to your resume or email signature, providing maximum visibility for your achievement.

Developed with leading subject matter experts and members of the AICPA’s Employee Benefit Plans Audit Quality Center, the Intermediate Employee Benefit Plans Audit Certificate Exam tests your ability to plan, perform and evaluate EBP audits in accordance with the latest AICPA standards and Department of Labor and IRS requirements. The intermediate level is designed for auditors with approximately three to seven years of experience in performing EBP audits. Take our brief assessment to determine if your skills are best suited for this level.

See the FAQs for additional information on the programs or learn more about what’s included in the exam.

Need to ensure your skills are up-to-date before you take the exam? Check out the optional learning course:
Auditing Employee Benefit Plans